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Leonor Faber-Jonker (1987) is an author and artist. She studied modern history at the University of Utrecht and lives and works in Rotterdam.


In her work she explores the relationship between object and memory in practices surrounding statues, heirlooms, photographs, and (colonial) collections. She publishes in Dutch and English. In 2012 her book No Future Nu was published by Lebowski. In 2018 her book More Than Just an Object was published, about the skulls of victims of the genocide in Namibia. In 2021 she was awarded a fellowship at the Research Center for Material Culture.


She interviewed authors Colson Whitehead, Jésus Carrasco, and Claudia Durastanti for Crossing Border and artists Maarten Vanden Eynde and Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen for Gonzo (circus). She previously interviewed Rotterdam musicians and cult figures for the Popunie, Metropolis Festival, and WORM.


She read from her work at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), in Paradiso, and the Melkweg, and gave presentations at a.o. SPUI25 and the Centraal Museum.





2020    ‘When Memories Become Dreams’, Zuid-Afrikahuis, Amsterdam

2019    ‘SCHNITTSERIE. Anatomy of a Collection’, HOK Gallery, The Hague

2019    ‘Afrikanerland’, Zuid-Afrikahuis, Amsterdam





2022    ‘World Collage Day’, HOK Gallery, Den Haag

2021    ‘Breaking the Mold’, HOK Gallery, The Hague

2020    ‘In Hysteria’, presented by L’Age d’Or, Kunst Kan…, Amsterdam

2019    ‘L’Age d’Or’, Sexyland, Amsterdam

2019    ‘VOID’, Neurotitan, Berlin, DE

2018    Prophit #3 pop-up Riso exhibition, Page Not Found, The Hague

2017    ‘Salon d’Hiver’, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam

2017    ‘Boulevard du Nord’, Route du Nord, Rotterdam

2017    ‘Cutting Edge’, Fata Morgana Galerie, Berlin, DE





2018    More Than Just an Object. A Material Analysis of the Return and Retention of Namibian Skulls from Germany (ASC, African Studies Collection 70)

2012    No Future Nu. Punk in Nederland 1977-2012 (Lebowski Publishers)

2009    Muziekreis door het Berlijn van toen en nu (Sowieso 030)





2022    ‘Binnenstebuiten’ in Tubelight #120

2022    ‘When Memories Become Dreams. The Patina of a Photographic Collection in: Jeltsje Stobbe, Rosa Deen, and Margriet van der Waal (ed.), Magic Visions. Portraying and Inventing South Africa with Lantern Slides (SZAHN)

2021    ‘The Eyes Are the First to Go’ in: Isabel Reitemeyer – Animal Kingdom (HOK Gallery)

2021    Column ‘Tuimeling’ in Tubelight #118

2021    ‘On Seeing Things in Things’ in: Tinca Veerman – Silky Thoughts (art book)

2021    Introduction Jackie Sibblies Drury, We are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as Southwest Africa, From the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884 – 1915 (Bloomsbury/ Methuen Drama)

2020    ‘What Remains of Nick Drake’ in: Danielle Lemaire – You Know I Am Not There (The Eriskay Connection/ Stedelijk Museum Breda)

2020    ‘Het negende fort van Kaunas. Fragmenten van een monument’, DeFKa Research SC 01

2019    ‘Making Micro Worlds. How Martha Colburn Finds the Largest of Truths in the Smallest of Things’ in: Martha Colburn – Imagined Histories (New York: Fredonia State University)

2019    ‘Stalin’s Ear. On the Material (After)Lives of a Statue’ in: Ted Hyunhak Yoon en Bernke Klein Zandvoort (eds.), Decoding Dictatorial Statues (Onomatopee)

2018    ‘Ingewikkelde simpelheid. In memoriam Ton Lebbink’, Extaze 26 (In De Knipscheer)

2017    ‘De Dingen’ in: Erik Brus en Hans Sleutelaar (red.), Vaan nu (Studio Kers)

2016    NoFun/Torso/Plurex. Flashback to the Punk and Post-Punk Era, with Oscar Smit, (Black Olive Press, 2016)

2012    ‘Rotterdamse directheid. De vormgeving van Hard Werken en 75B’, ‘Vlakken en contrasten’, and co-editor De Nieuwe Stijl in: ROTTERDAM (Lebowski Publishers)

2012    Co-editor and various contributions, Vinyl 2012 (Lebowski Publishers)

2012    ‘De reformatie van Minny Pops’, VPRO-Gids 8

2011    Preface Jeannette Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhé (red.), Punk in Holland (Artkitchen/ Galerie A, 2011).





2022    WARPIG

2021    Yes the Void

2021    Editor and various contributions The Trade-Plough by Woody van Amen

2020    The Trumpet 1

2018    Prophit #3

2017    Prophit #2





2021    Radio Pareidolia, podcast on music & memory on Radio WORM.

2015    How I Hate Modern Music, talkshow with Lukas Simonis, WORM, Rotterdam