Categories for Art

Objects of Desire (2022)

Objects of Desire, solo exhibition HOK Gallery, 16 September – 8 October 2022.



Gazes (2020-2022)

Gazes, installation with collages, drawings, and found objects, De Aanschouw, 1-8 September 2022.

When Memories Become Dreams (2019-2020)

‘When Memories Become Dreams’ is a series of darkroom prints of damaged lantern slides from the collection of the Zuid-Afrikahuis, Amsterdam. By manipulating the prints, I have attempted to explore the transforming effect of time. In the darkroom, the encyclopedic pictures have become abstract, estranging images.


The exhibition was part of the conservation, digitization and publication project Magic Visions, made possible by the support of the Gravin van Bylandt Foundation. The project received the Mervyn Heard Award 2020.

When Memories Become Dreams, solo exhibition Zuid-Afrikahuis, 8 October – 4 February 2021. Right: visit from the South African ambassador H. E. Vusi Madonsela.


Schnittserie (2019)

A little while back, I came into possession of a peculiar inheritance: over twenty ring binders filled with hundreds of yellowed pictures of actresses and fashion models. They had belonged to an elderly lady whom I never got to meet. She had carefully cut them out of 1950s feel-good magazine De Lach (‘the smile’), kept them for decades and finally put them all in ring binders towards the end of her life. I was in luck: careful not to damage the pictures, she had used small pieces of double-sided tape to keep them in place. Great collage material. But as I started peeling off the pictures, they became more than just that. Fascinated by the singular system of her collection, I decided to dissect it, laying bare its meanings, contexts, and materiality.

Schnittserie, solo exhibition HOK Gallery, 30 August – 14 September 2019.